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[sticky post] Mod contact

If you need to get in contact with either of the mods for any reason, you can comment here. All comments are screened.

Info post with rules and dates

2016 Remix?

Who is interested in doing DW Remix this year? It looks like Remix 13 might start soon and running both at the same time isn't ideal.

But if it went ahead this year the rules/setup would be:
  • People who'd like their stories remixed would sign up. To qualify you'd have to have written something in the Doctor Who & Related fandoms.

  • People who want to write a remix would choose someone to remix and a date to post and then do it. No need to sign up (beyond choosing a posting date).

Previously I've assigned remixers to remixees, but since everyone's picked a different person stories to remix, that seems like more work than necessary all round.

So, a poll:
Poll #2052260 DW Remix 2016

I want/would be able to offer my stories to be remixed if:

It ran with the usual timings (sign ups end of August, posting in October)
It ran early next year
It skipped this year and ran this time next year

I want/would be able to write a remix if:

It ran with the usual timings (sign ups end of August, posting in October)
It ran early next year
It skipped this year and ran this time next year

2015 masterlist

Doctor Who Remix is over for 2015. Thank you to everyone who wrote a remix and who offered to have their stories remixed.

We had 3 stories in total:

The Doctor Dances (Lucky Streak Remix) by paranoidangel42
Twelfth Doctor, Missy, PG, 761 words.
Remix of Cheek to Cheek by irishvampire13

Historical Wrack (The Help and Comfort Remix) by john_amend_all
Seventh Doctor, Ace McShane, General, 2258 words.
Remix of Historical Romp by lost_spook

Suffocation (The ἀγοράφοβία Remix) by irishvampire13
Eleventh Doctor, PG.
Remix of Too Much Room to Breathe by a_phoenixdragon
Title: The Doctor Dances (Lucky Streak Remix)
Author: Paranoidangel (paranoidangel42)
Rating: PG
Characters: Twelfth Doctor, Missy
Summary: The Doctor dances; Missy schemes.
Remix of: Cheek to Cheek by IrishVampire13

Read it on LJ
Read it on DW
Read it on AO3


Posting guidelines and two week warning

You have about two weeks left to get your stories done - posting opens in 13 days time on 27th October, and the last date for posting is in 16 days time, on 30th October.

If you are not going to be able to finish your fic that's fine, I just want to know. You can either reply to the email or PM you got with your assignment, or leave a comment in the mod contact post. There are no penalties for dropping out, as long as you do it before I start chasing you for your story. If I do have to chase you and you then drop out, I might well hold a grudge for future rounds.

Posting is between 27th and 30th October. That means that if it's the 27th, 28th, 29th or 30th October in any time zone, you can post. You can either post to this LJ or to this year's collection on AO3 or both. You can post it in other places too, as long as you do at least one of the above.

When you post here, you can either post the whole story or link to it somewhere else. Bear in mind that you have to be a member of the comm to post and I have to approve all members, so don't leave your membership request to the last minute.

On 31st October I'll post a masterlist of all stories and chase anyone who hasn't posted their story. You'll get one day to post your story; after that it'll be too late.

All other information can be found in the FAQ.

Assignments sent

I have just sent out the assignments by email, PM or replying to your sign-up. If you haven't got it, let me know and I'll use a different method to get it to you.

Everyone should have their first choice (or one of their first choices). If I did something wrong and you've been assigned someone you didn't put down as your first choice, let me know and I'll fix it.

Despite sign-ups being closed and assignments having gone out, it is still possible to sign up late, but you may not get your preference, depending on the relative numbers of sign-ups.


Remixer sign ups closing soon

I suck at remembering reminders, so remixer sign ups will close Thursday morning, British time - in about 25 hours from now. Assignments should go out about 12 hours after that.


Remixer sign ups

Sign ups are now closed.
However, it is possible to sign up late (any time before the deadline). But you may not get your preference.

Comment here (using the form at the bottom of the post) if you'd like to a remix a story. You can remix any story (even if it's less than 500 words and/or a crossover with a non-Doctor Who fandom) except for any ineligible stories.

Please look at the list of people willing to have their stories remixed and choose whose stories you would like to remix. Please put down a minimum of two people and list them in order of preference (if you have any). If you're happy to remix anyone, that's fine too. As far as I can I will try and give everyone (one of) their first preference(s) and make sure that not too many people are remixing the same person's stories.

Sign ups close on 16th September and assignments will go out by 19th September.

All comments to this post are screened.

Remixee sign ups closing soon

Sign ups for people willing to have their stories remixed are closing soon. Since I didn't put a reminder up yesterday, I won't close them until tomorrow morning (Tuesday) British time - so in about 24 hours.

Remixer sign ups will open on Wednesday.


Remixee sign ups

Sign ups are now closed.

Comment here (using the form at the bottom of this post) if you're happy to have your stories remixed (you don't have to remix anyone else's if you don't want to). In order to qualify you need to fulfil the following conditions:
At least five stories in Doctor Who and related fandoms that are at least 500 words long and do not include:
- co-authored stories
- remixes
- works in progress
- crossovers with non-Doctor Who fandoms
- your safe story (you don't have to have one)
These five stories cannot all be PWPs. Series count as one story, unless each stands alone without knowledge of previous stories in the series

Sign ups close on 7th September, at some point in the evening, British time.

If you're interested in signing up to remix, then this is the post to keep an eye on to read through some stories and decide who you'd like to remix. Sign ups for remixers open on 9th September.